Hi, I’m Keani (She/Her)

Intuitive Tarot Reader. I use my deep knowledge of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Color Symbolism to help you gain insights into the Energies surrounding your life.

For as long as I can remember people have came to me for help and advice. People I barely knew would open up to me immediately about their issues, and it took me until I became a teenager to realize that helping people find their happiness was my calling in life. Later on I learned about the Tarot and it’s amazing ability to help people find peace in life and realize how much control they truly have. Starting in early 2020 I began studying the card meanings full time and instantly found a strong connection with the cards. Every time I would do readings for myself, the cards would say the same thing: “study more!”, and so I did. As my knowledge grew, the cards that would appear in my self readings sent clear messages that I was on the right path. As my skills improved, I saw how much the Tarot had changed me, my confidence issues that had plagued me my whole life began to disappear and I felt like I finally saw my true potential in life. After almost a year of full time studying, the cards told me I was ready and I began to share my readings on TikTok, going live on a frequent basis. With overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone I gave readings for, I gained a modest following. This is when I started the next step in my journey by selling extended private video readings and guaranteed live readings for tips. Doing this ensures I can focus as much time and energy on possible on Tarot and sharing it’s amazing potential with the world.