To purchase any reading you must be 18+ years old. Live readings may be uploaded to the Keani’s Tarot YouTube channel, so the information you shared in the product fields (e.g. the question and username) is by no means confidential.

I’m obligated to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. Information provided by the reader should not be taken as professional, legal and or medical advice. I do not give readings regarding legal, health, pregnancy, or financial advice (such as investing advice). I do not give readings regarding the timing of someone‚Äôs death or how their death will happen, no one has this knowledge. I don’t give readings about passed loved ones. I also do not give readings regarding gambling. Client is solely responsible for any actions taken after reading and Reader is not under any legal responsibility or obligation for decisions made as a result of a reading.


If you missed your live reading due to internet connectivity issues/personal timing issues on your end, please check the Keani’s Tarot YouTube where the entire live stream will most likely be uploaded shortly after it’s ended. If you believe you missed your live reading due to any error on my end, please contact me and I will refund your payment according to the method you used.