Phone Call


This is how I will contact you, please double check to ensure your information is accurate.

(OPTIONAL) If you’re inquiring about another person, please add at least their first name and zodiac sign in your question. Make your question clear and add any details that may help the reading.
You must be 18+ to purchase this reading. I’m obligated to state that all Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Information provided by the reader should not be taken as professional, legal and or medical advice. I do not give readings regarding legal, health, pregnancy, or financial advice (such as investing advice). I do not give readings regarding the timing of someone’s death or how their death will happen, no one has this knowledge. I don’t give readings about passed loved ones. I also do not give readings regarding gambling. Client is solely responsible for any actions taken after reading and Reader is not under any legal responsibility or obligation for decisions made as a result of a reading. By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing to these terms.

Never expected, always appreciated :)


Ask as many questions as you want during the 30 minutes. I will email you to discuss the next steps.